Poster Presentation Guideline

Guideline for Poster Presentation

  1. Poster presentation session will be 3-5 minutes each poster (schedule will be given onsite).
  2. In order to ensure the smooth operation of the session, we ask you to keep to the time allocation as stated above.
  3. The author provides posters of following size:
    1. 120 x 90 cm (please be noted that the orientation of the poster is POTRAIT MODE)
    2. Poster number: will be provided by the secretariat
  4. Poster should be displayed on the board using utensils provided by the secretariat. No other adhesive method is permitted on the board.
  5. Authors are responsible for setting up and removing their poster based on schedule below:
  6. Category Date/Time
    Set-up {set-up date}

    {set-up time} (before the first plenary session)

    Removal {removal date}

    {removal time} (after closing ceremony)

    Note : The Secretariat will not be responsible for loss of the poster after removal time