Paper Submission Guideline

Accepted selected papers will be published in a special issue at Journal Indexed by Scopus Gaceta Sanitaria (Q2) or Journal Indexed by Scopus Enfermeria Clinica (Q3) (as author's request). Please choose wich publication you want to apply when uploading your Full Paper after your abstract is accepted.

Journal Submission Guideline:

Guide for Author

Download Guide for Author in Gaceta Sanitaria (Q2):

Paper Template for Gaceta Sanitaria

Download Guide for Author in Enfermeria Clinica (Q3):

Paper Template for Infermeria Clinica

Flow of Abstract and Full Paper Assignment

  1. Submitted abstracts will be reviewed by scientific division, particularly on correspondence of the abstract with the conference theme and with the predetermined abstract’s format.
  2. The scientific division will provide abstract announcement through email notification from committee. Letter of acceptance (LoA) will be additionally provided in this notification for abstracts that accepted to be presented at the conference. Provision of full paper will be required for accepted abstract. Authors MUST submit the full paper and MUST pay the conference fees and fill the online registration form.
  3. The scientific division receive the full paper and distribute to the scientific board for conducting the full paper review.
  4. As the scientific board recommends major revision of the paper, the scientific division will send the paper back to the authors for completing the revisions then the authors resubmitted the paper through the similar process as no 3.
  5. As the scientific board recommends acceptance of the paper to be published in the Proceedings or in the Scopus indexed journal, which will be announced by scientific division, the authors have to provide additional payment.