Abstract Submission Guideline

Guideline for Abstract Submission

  1. Click submission system button and select Submit Abstract. (Make sure you have pass online registration before submitting your abstract or your abstract won’t be processed). Go to registration page.
  2. Fill in author information including; Authors name and Email address of corresponding author.
  3. Fill in abstract information including; Abstract title and Keywords (not more than 5 keywords)
  4. Select a sub-theme appropriate for your abstract:
    1. Safety
      • Occupational Health Desease
      • Occupational Health Ergonomics & Psychology
      • Industrial Hygiene
      • Occupational Safety & Health in Hospital
      • Occupational Safety & Health Management
      • Occupational Safety & Health Multi Sector
      • Other safety Topics
    2. Public Health
      • Environment Health
      • Health Administration
      • Health Promotion
      • Epidomiolgy
      • Hospital Management
      • Biostatics & Health Reproduction
      • Health Nutrition
  5. Upload the abstract file (maximum 150kb) in *.doc/*.docx file format. See abstract format below.
  6. Click send once you complete all the required information.
  7. If you want to submit more than one abstract, repeat step from beginning.
  8. Please be advised that first author is ONLY ALLOWED to submit maximum 2 abstracts.

Abstract Format

Abstract must be prepared in English, in Arial font size 12 and should Title should not exceed 250 words. Title should not exceed 20 words and should be arranged in a sentence style. Author(s) should include name of all author(s) and their affiliation (s). All correspondence will be performed via this website with e-mail notification. Please minimize the use of abbreviations, do not contain tables, pictures or diagrams and do not cite references in the abstract. Reports of randomized controlled trials should follow the CONSORT extension for abstracts. The abstract must include the following separate sections:

  1. Background: the context and purpose of the study
  2. Methods: how the study was performed, analyze information and statistical tests used
  3. Results: the main findings of the results
  4. Conclusions: brief summary and potential recommendations/implications
  5. Key words: provide appropriate keywords of five (5) words
Download abstract template by click on Download here button below: